Bonison Nylon Koozie Sleeve Coloful Assortment Protection Sweat Absorption Insulation Carrying Borosilicate Glass Bottle Holder (Pink, Blue, Black, Grey, Lime Green)

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We were listening! You wanted to know how to purchase additional sleeves to go with your Bonison Glass Water Bottles and now you have it. We are allowing you the chance to purchase more and have the option to change colors. This nylon insulating sleeve fits practically every bottle we carry. Because of the stretchy material measuring 4" wide flat, it will snugly fit the bottles from 2.5" in diameter to 3" in diameter. Definitely made for our 18 oz glass and our infusers up to 28 oz. You're not limited to our inventory, although we recommend. Whichever bottles or tall energy drink and tea cans you choose they will need a tall body as the height is 7.5" tall. Easy to Clean From time to time you can throw them in the washer; however, as the washer will reduce the life of your clothing, so will it with the sleeve. We recommend hand washing. Features Carrying Strap - Insulating - Condensation Soaking - Added Protection **Don't leave your bottles exposed! Even though you won't be protected from every crash, you will be safer from a bump or two during normal use. Just a little added protection to your bottles. Not to mention if you enjoy cold drinks, the added insulation to keep them colder longer and soak up that extra moisture from condensation. Save on shipping and cost by purchasing the 2 or 5 pack. The more you add to your one order the more you will save with shipping. Get the 5 pack and save even more considering shipping, plus you can have more of a variety to choose from and share with your spouse. Don't believe me? Do the match and see for yourself. Buy Now!


  • Your request have been heard and we are finally offering the Bonison nylon sleeve for sale. Now you can coordinate your borosilicate glass bottle with your mood. Fits your bottle like a glove with strap to carry it around.
  • Nylon offers great insulation at a fantastic price. When drinking cold drinks, if using Tritan Plastics or Borosilicate Glass, will aid in capturing any condensation. May not be as successful soaking up all the sweat from cheaper lower quality materials.
  • Material: Nylon - Measures 7.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide when flattened. Fits our 18 oz Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle up to our 28 oz Flip Top Infuser Water Bottle - Guaranteed to snugly fit bottles for 2.5" to 3" in diameter. Package will include 1 Piece Bottle Sleeve: Pink, Blue, Black, Grey, Green or 3 Pack Bottle Sleeves: Mixed Random 3 Different Colors, 5 pack include Gray, Pink, Blue, Black,Green sleeves, each color 1 pcs
  • Great to use indoor and outdoors. During normal use the nylon sleeve will aid in protecting your bottles from damage. However, it's not bullet proof per se. Drop testing is highly discouraged.
  • Machine washable but handwash is recommended. Handwashing preserves the life of the sleeves as in any materials that are machine washed because of the harsh detergents and rigorous cycles.

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